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Just one more turn...


There is no other way to say it: this cabinet turns heads. The incredible side art by Paul Duffield. The starfield control panel. The beautifully framed monitor. And of course, the glowing red button.


No matter where it's been played, Switch 'N' Shoot has been most described with one word: Addictive. It's nearly impossible to only put in a single quarter. Everybody has to have another go.


Switch 'N' Shoot costs half the price of other new arcade games. And with it's addictive gameplay, it has proven itself to be a proven earner.

Designed in Des Moines.

It's in Iowa.

Switch 'N' Shoot is the perfect bridge between old school and new school arcades. The simplicity of gameplay makes it approachable for anyone but the challenge keeps them hooked. A beautiful and well crafted cabinet makes it the perfect fit for your home or arcade. If it's the latter, it's sure to be an earner. We are extremely pleased with what Dan and DSM Arcade are producing.​

Will Hay, Co-Owner Spacebar Arcade Boise, Idaho